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Come one, come all!

Superheroes, wizards, cosplayers and enthusiast! NCComicon is back in 2014 and ready to showcase this year latest news, events, and comic phenomenon from any and every genre. As always, we are excited and privileged to welcome some new faces as well as returning favorites from all around the globe.

NCComicon is part of an independent east coast family of convention organizers and promoters. We are honored and humbled to be part of this group of hard working and inspiring individuals who showcase their love for all things comics, superhero, and fantasy related. Through this network we partner with them to spread the word that everyone is a hero.

Artist Alley Registration OPEN!!!


Are you an artist? Do you make great handcrafted collectibles? Do you want to highlight your talent at this year’s NC Comicon? Well, You’re in luck! Artist Alley and Small Press Tables are on sale NOW!!! The NC Comicon is a great way to get your name and work in the public eye. Act soon to secure the best location!


Artist Alley Table: $150

Artist Alley space includes one 6′ table, two chairs and two badges. The 6′ table is part of a fixed row and cannot be reconfigured. Additional badges must be purchased. Additional chairs may be purchased for $25 up to a maximum of 1 additional person per Artists Alley Table. No exceptions.

Small Press Table: $200

Small Press space includes one 8′ table, two chairs and two badges. The space includes 3′-5′ of “backspace” and may be reconfigured. Additional badges must be purchased. Additional chairs may be purchased for $25 up to a maximum of 2 additional persons per Small Press Table. No exceptions.

2014 Exhibitor Application

Space Availability Chart - As of 07/03/2014


Costume Contest

The NC Comicon Costume Contest returns Nov 15 & 16!  We have $1000 in cash to hand out to the best costumes at the con!  We also have loads of comic swag for our Winners!!!

The Costume Contest is separated into two Categories: The Craftsmanship Contest and The Costume Showcase.

The Costume Showcase

The Costume Showcase will take place during the Costume Contest Panel on Sunday afternoon.  The Showcase is an opportunity for Costumers at the convention to walk across the stage and show their costume off to the rest of the convention!  Anyone who wants to participate in the Showcase should show up to the panel at least half an hour early.  Participants will be lined up in order with Youth at the front of the line, followed by Ladies, and then Gentlemen.  Everyone is eligible to participate in the Showcase, even people who are participating in the craftsmanship contest.  For the showcase, we will have several Special Guest Judges to be announced at the convention!

The Craftsmanship Contest

The Craftsmanship competition will be open to anyone who has made their own costume.  At least 75% of the costume must have been made or altered in some way by the maker to be eligible for competition.  Anyone under 16 years of age may enter in the “youth” category.  Participants in the youth category must have made at least 50% of their costume on their own.  Age restrictions are based on the age of the costume maker, not the model wearing the costume.  You may enter a costume that you have made for someone else, but both the costume maker and the model wearing the costume must be present for judging.

Due to the expected increase in attendance, we believe that most participants will need to pre-register at NCComicon.com. There will be a limited number of registration slots open, and once they are filled up, we will not be accepting any more entries. Late arrivals and costumes expecting to be judged without a pre-arranged judging time will be selected via a first come, first serve basis while there are remaining available slots.  Once the available spaces are filled, we will not be accepting any more entries.

There should be approximately 125 spaces available for the Craftsmanship contest.  Group entries only count as one registration slot.  An online registration form will be made available for contestants to fill out and send in for registration.

Pre-Registered contestants should report to the judging area during their designated time.  Judging will take place both Saturday and Sunday so please make sure to check your scheduled judging time and be there promptly.   If you do not show up to your designated judging time, we cannot guarantee that we will have time to judge your costume at a later time.