NC Comicon the Movie: Live Stream Premiere on Twitch

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! It’s the film you’ve waited all your life to witness. It’s the movie that Alan Gill watched and said “I saw a ‘me’ in that!” It’s the greatest piece of cinema ever commited to film, according to our mothers.
ONE TIME ONLY! FRIDAY NIGHT 7pm! Catch a live stream of NC COMICON THE MOVIE when we launch the new NCC stream with host: Worm the TwitchMaster!
Last year a crew from Raleigh’s Amazing Studios followed the NC Comicon directors and staff through the process of planning and carrying out one of the biggest conventions they had yet attempted, chronicling all of the show’s events, parties, and backstage moments in NCC’s first-ever official documentary. The film offers fans a rare glimpse behind the scenes at the highs and lows that come with putting on such a massive convention and introduces audiences to the people who make it all possible.

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