The North Carolina Comicon wants all of our guests to have the best possible experience and we have added ASL interpreters this year that will be available onsite for any who may require assistance!

Panels w/ ASL Interpreter

1:00 pm Cinema One: Adaptation with Chuck Palahniuk and Robert Venditti

3:00 pm Cinema One: James Robinson Starman to Stargirl

4:00 pm Cinema One: Talking Science

5:00 pm Fletcher Hall: Collaboration


10:00 am Fletcher Hall: Finding Inspiration

11:00 am Fletcher Hall: Magic Wheelchair Reveal

1:00 pm- Disability Access

2:00 pm Fletcher- Animation

3:00 pm Cinema One- VIP Question and Answer

5:00 pm Fletcher Hall: Find Your Voice


1:00 pm Main Hall Panel Room One: Queer Comics

2:00 pm Fletcher Hall: TV Adaptation

3:00 pm Cinema One: Henry and Gerard Design D&D panels

For all other events (ie: panels, table visits, photo ops, and autograph sessions) our interpreters will be available on a first come, first served basis. To reserve an interpreter’s time in advance, please fill out the form below. We shall do our very best to accommodate any and all requests, when and where possible.

ASL Services Request