Sunday November 11th, 2018

12:00 PM

Main Hall Panel Room One

The Science of Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire’s stories always have a thread of either real or well thought-out science woven throughout. Come join us The Science Of’s Matt Brady sits down to talk with Jeff about his science interests and ho how he manages to keep the science believable without making the story suffer. This one’s sure to be filled with all kinds of science facts and references, so make sure to wear your thinking cap!

Main Hall Panel Room Two


Artists Tommy Lee Edwards and Shawn Crystal teach visual storytelling by walking the audience through making their next great story.

1:00 PM

Main Hall Panel Room One

Queer Comics

Join a lovable bunch of queer creators and fans as they talk to you about the best and worst of comics for the LGBTQIA+ community!

Main Hall Panel Room Two

Superhero Justice

Join our panel of enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds as part of our continuing conversation about that core element of superheroes — justice — and how the philosophies and goals of the characters we revere build our own understandings and compare with the justice we practice in the real world.

2:00 PM

Fletcher Hall

TV Adaptation

How do creators like Gerard Way work with their stories from comic pages to the TV screen? Tommy Lee Edwards hosts this eye-opening panel!

Cinema One

The Science of Venom with Tamara Robertson

Ever wonder what it would be like to wear an Alien Symbiote from the Marvel Universe?  Well the technology doesn’t exist to allow this, YET. But our panel of scientists and cosplay experts will talk you through how symbioses works and the best ways to use new and old Earth materials to turn yourself into the the most famous Symbiote out there — VENOM! Join Tamara Robertson, EIT (Scijinks, Mythbusters, Chem & Bio Engineer) and a panel of potential human hosts — Dr. Tori Miller (Assistant Professor – Material Science and Engineering, NC State University), Caz Cosplays (Founder Caz Cosplays Props)  – as they unravel the symbiotic science and art of Venom. Q&A session to follow. Bonus: any Venom cosplayers out there are invited to take a group pic at the end!

Cinema Two

Using the Creative and Inspiring Art of Spoken Word to tell the Story

Spoken word is a style of performance art that focuses on word play for story-telling. As an artistic storyteller, the spoken word performer expresses themselves by weaving in poetic components-such as rhyme, repetition, rhythm, improvisation, intonation and voice inflection as well as other traditional elements of poetry. Unlike written poetry, spoken word has less to do with physical on the page aesthetics and more to do with the aesthetics of sound.

Connie Moses

Valiant: 101 and BEYOND

New to the Valiant Universe? With Valiant’s all-new and exciting “BEYOND” initiative in full swing, there’s never been a better time to become a fan! Jump on board right here with a concise and fun-filled introduction to the origins of Valiant’s greatest and most iconic heroes, complete with suggestions of where to start reading. Plus, check out the new titles in the “BEYOND” slate, along with sneak peeks of other upcoming books!

3:00 PM

Cinema One

Henry and Gerard design D&D Characters

Henry Edwards and Gerard Way design D&D characters while Tommy Lee Edwards brings them to visual life before your eyes!

Cinema Two

The Working Artist

Do you love to draw but get stumped when it comes to getting your work out there? A panel of professional artists will talk about the realities of the business, with pointers on how to get published and what they wish they’d known at the start!

Connie Moses

Publish, Print and Prosper: Self-publishing for Artists

Ready to share your artwork, stories or photos with the rest of the world, but not sure how to do it? The team at Lulu has got you covered! Learn more about how to utilize self-publishing to get your work into the hands of potential fans everywhere and make money doing it in this interactive conversation about the practical parts of the creative publishing process!

4:00 PM

Fletcher Hall

Cosplay Contest

Watch the best of the best cosplayers show off their creativity in a stunning cavalcade!

Cinema Two

Black Animation Renaissance

This one of a kind panel brings together some of the most experienced and exemplary talents on the Black independent comic book scene to discuss the West’s checkered past of Black representation in the animated medium as well as its amazingly bright future! Like the Harlem Renaissance before it, the Black Animation Renaissance is on the verge of changing the way the Black community and the world at large looks at creativity of African descended creators in a medium that has always suffered from a lack of adequate and flattering representation.

Connie Moses

Color of Fandom presents Problematic Faves

We all have fandoms that are dear to our hearts and have made a huge impact on our lives. But when the creative teams behind our favorite works become tone deaf to society at large sometimes the things we love can become… well, problematic. We’ll discuss some of fandoms’ biggest properties, talking about what we wish had been done better and whether redemption is possible.