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Saturday, March 17

11:00 AM

Room 306: MadTV

It’s a laugh filled trek down memory lane as superstar actor Orlando Jones reminisces about his days on the sketch comedy television show, MadTV.

Room 201: Jen Cohn Talks Pharah From Overwatch

She’s your favorite character in Overwatch. You’ve heard her give all that great game dialogue a million times. Now it’s time to learn more about the woman behind Pharah – how did she get involved with this game? Does she play it herself? What’s it like to hear your voice coming out of a completely digital character? And how can you, yes you in the audience, take that next step toward a career in voice acting?

Room 202: RaDAdventures Podcasts

“RaD Adventures” is a network of podcasts focused on adventure comics with hosts Ruth and Darrin. In our presentation, we will discuss the comics covered in all three of our podcasts. We’ll also talk about the interactions we’ve had with creators Ron Randall, Mike Grell, and Mark Schultz through the podcasts.

Room 203: Upgrade My Cosplay with Caz Cosplay

Cosplayers with advanced skills in foam, thermoplastics, props, armor, tailoring, makeup, and leatherwork come together to discuss the tips and tricks that help bump your cosplay to the next level. Audience members are encouraged as questions on how to upgrade a current or future project.

Room 204: Basic Armor Patterning

Come see how the process of armor making begins as the designers at Ribbons and Rivets lead participants through making their own bracer pattern. All tools and materials are provided for this free workshop. Participation limited to the first 20 attendees.

12:00 PM

Room 306: Buster Douglas Video Game Challenge

He punched out Mike Tyson, and now you have the chance to challenge him! Join former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, James “Buster” Douglas, as he hosts a retro video game challenge where con testaments play the classic Sega Genesis video game, James “Buster” Douglas’ Knockout Boxing. The champion will go on to play in the finals against Buster himself!

Room 201: Walter Simonson Q & A

Welcome industry legend, Walter Simonson, as he talks about his long career as an artist and writer for high-profile books like X-Factor and Thor!

Room 202: Finding God in Comics

Comics, Graphic Novels, Movies, and Gaming can help us go deeper into the big questions about what we believe about life, identity, purpose, justice, and God. You are invited to be a part of this all “question and answer” panel with with Faith and Fandom’s Hector Miray, Ultimate Comics’s Chris Poirier, and Will Rose, Pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill NC.  All questions, faiths, and backgrounds are welcome.

Room 203: Writing Comics

You’re here because you love reading comics, but have you ever thought about writing your own? Talk with comics professionals like Tini Howard (Hack/Slash), Jeremy Whitley (Unstoppable Wasp), and Chris Sims (Swordquest, Deadpool: Bad Blood) about what it takes to be a comic writer!

Room 204: Lightning Dogs-The Greatest Animated Series You’ve Never Seen

A squad of canine commandos are trapped on a post-apocalyptic Earth – can they defeat Glampire’s mutant armies and return home? Join the writers and artists of Lightning Dogs (Nerdy Show’s Cap Blackard, Doug Banks, and Tony Baldini) as they share production art, the on-going saga of breaking in from the outside, discuss the animation, comics, films, and action figures that inspired the series, and tell the tale of how one dumb joke can change your life.

1:00 PM

Room 306: The Wild Tarney Show

Come play, “The Wild Tarney Show!” A “Price is Right” style game show that takes the your favorite comic books and movies, and turns them into games of chance where you, yes YOU could win big! Arrive up to 10 minutes early to submit your name with one our lovely and talented assistants, get a name tag, and see if you ​ get​ called to COME ON DOWN!!!​

Room 201: All Ages

Do you have kids? Are you a kid? Just a kid at heart? Great news! Some of the industry’s favorite creators are here to talk to you about the best books on the shelves for people of all ages! Join Chris Giarusso (G-Man, Mini Marvels), Art Baltazar (Aw Yeah Comics), Franco Aureliani (Tiny Titans), and Brian Smith (Madballs) about the kinds of comics kids like and how adults can use comics to help kids develop a love for reading!

Room 202: Color of Fandom presents Indie Comics for Every Fandom

Whether you’re into sci-fi, superheroes or the super natural, we’ve got recommendations of new indie comics for you to try.

Room 203: Science in Comics

We know comic books are great ways to show off your writing or artistic talent, but it’s also important for a creator to know about science. Join comic writer Jeremy Whitley (Unstoppable Wasp) and scientist/science communicator/science historian/sociologist Darrell Stover as they talk about the importance of getting the science right in your books and where people just get it so hilariously wrong. We’ll talk about examples like Shuri from the Black Panther movie and Nadia, the new Wasp, and how science can connect to kids of all genders and races. And don’t worry – there won’t be a quiz at the end.

Room 204: Animation World Building

Join superstar creators Brandon Graham (King City, Prophet) and Corey Kalman (Amerikarate, Fightinator) as they discuss animation and what goes into creating brand new worlds!

2:00 PM

Room 201: How to Pitch to IDW

Professional editors Sarah Gaydos and Joe Hughes talk to you about what editors do at IDW and how to make the perfect pitch – and what major mistakes to avoid!

Room 202: Comic Books in Education

Comic books and pop culture are a great tool to bridge student interest with various core subjects. Come learn more about how to connect!

Room 203: Introduction to Charity Cosplay

Interested in charity and cosplay? Join CausePlay Carolinas for their panel on how to get involved with costuming for a cause. Panelists will talk about their experiences with charity cosplay and the type of events they do.

Room 204: Cosplay Diversity

Diversity in the cosplay world is on the rise, but we still have a long way to go. Join Charlie Rocket and a panel of POC cosplayers as they discuss common issues for cosplayers of color and how they overcome them!

2:30 PM

Room 306: Kevin Eastman Panel

Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, is here to talk all about the original decision to make a serious martial arts book about giant turtles and how wild this universe of material has gotten since then!

3:00 PM

Room 201: Get Published

Join YA novelist Scott Reintgen as he reads from his new book, Nyxia Unleashed, then walks you through how to find an agent and get your own book out there!

Room 202: ZINES: From the Photocopier to Kickstarter

What is a zine, and how do you get involved in making one? Explore the history of self-publishing both as a political/artistic statement and as a community-builder within fandom, then learn some tips and advice about how to get started on your own DIY printing adventure.

Room 203: NerdSlam

The Nerd Slam is a winner take all contest in which contestants will be putting their wits on the line against other opponents. The unique part of this contest is that all participants will be putting their own individual knowledge of their favorite show, video game, comic, etc against others with their own Nerd Specialty as well. Think Wolverine(comics) vs Dragonball Z (manga) in a bracket style King of the Hill WINNER TAKE ALL!!

Room 204: Video Game Music Challenge

How well do you know video games? Come test your knowledge with 30 video game songs, from NES all the way up to Wii with prizes given with each answer!

4:00 PM

Room 306: GRAWL

Greensboro Ladies Arm-Wrestling returns to Comicon for another round of exciting arm wrestling competitions, including Harley Quinn vs. Poison Ivy! Challenge your best friend or ‘frenemy’ to an arm wrestling competition at our open table in exchange for a $5 donation to our general operating fund.

Room 201: Video Game Production

We know you love playing games, and here’s your chance to learn how your favorites were made! With guests including industry professionals like Jen Cohn (the voice of Pharah from Overwatch) and Richard Case with Red Storm, you’ll hear all about what goes into taking a cool idea to the hottest download and what you can do to next to pursue a career in game design. You’ll never play the same after this one!

Room 202: Color of Fandom presents Black Panther

Join us as we break down our favorite parts of the movie and why this movie is so significant.

Room 203: Fanboy Faceoff

Fanboy Faceoff is an interactive debate panel based on the Screen Junkies / CleVVer Movies web series. Participants will have the chance to convince the audience of their character’s supremacy for the chance to win prizes. The Panel is Hosted by Fanboy Faceoff Screenwriter Hector Miray.

Room 204: Queer Comics

Queer Comics have been seeing better representation over the last couple of years, with prominent books like Iceman, Kim & Kim, and America. Which ones get it right? Come talk about your favorite Queer characters in comics with industry pros like Tini Howard (Assassinistas, Hack/Slash) and Sarah Gaydos (the Love Is Love anthology) and find out where to get more!

5:00 PM

Room 201: Video Game Construction

Video game development is a complex task, involving art, modeling, layout, and physics. However, with commercial game engines that are available these days, it has become much easier for independent and hobbyist game developers to make small scale video games. Learn how to set up a game level in Unreal Engine, and the basics of interactivity.

Room 202: Unboxing With Buster Douglas

Sometimes a world famous boxer just wants to do the opposite. So, he unboxes. Join former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, James “Buster” Douglas and his co-host, Neatoco’s Seth Fischer, as they discuss pop culture and surprise each other and the crowd by opening mystery boxes of toys and comics and all sorts of weird and fun stuff! This show is going to be a knockout!

Room 203: Foam-How to Paint, Prime, and Seal

There’s now one perfect way that works for every foam project. Whether it’s a rigid props or an armor piece that has to move with you come learn the best materials, tools techniques to finish your foam project and make it last!

Room 204: Rogue 105th-Titanic

What happens when Stewie Griffin is King Of The World? The vocal engineers from the 105th Squad read the script for Titanic in voices from all fandoms as well as taking audience suggestions!

6:00 PM

Room 201: IDW’s Ghostbusters

VSince bustin’ Gozer the Gozarian, Vigo the Carpathian, and Ivo Shandor the boys in beige have been busier than ever. Fortunately their poltergeist pulverizing has been thoroughly documented in IDW comics. Join writer Erik Burnham, TMNT/ Ghostbusters co-author Tom Waltz, Doug Banks of the RPG audio drama Ghostbusters: Resurrection, GB expert Jeremy Tarney, and (g)host with the most, Nerdy Show’s Cap Blackard for a spirited discussion about the continuing legacy and latest adventures of the Ghostbusters.

Room 202: Bad Fanfic Dramatic Readings (Rated R)

There’s no limit to foul fan fiction. Turn horror into humor with dramatic readings of depraved smut in styles suggested by the audience. You can join in, too! But no one under 18 admitted without a parent present.

Room 203: Horror Cosplay Demonstration

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a spooky or fun latex mask but didn’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Horror cosplayer Donttouchmymilk Cosplay will show you the basics of how to make a latex mask without the use of a head cast. Please note: Because this will include using latex, this panel is not safe for attendees with known or possible latex allergies/sensitivities.

Beltway Banthas

Star Wars has always been and will always be political. What’s made the franchise so successful is its universalist messages and themes that unite the vast majority of audiences. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is different. Something about it is uniquely divisive. In this panel we will explore the political undertones of The Last Jedi, both in-universe and the external forces in our own world that gave us the latest installment of the Star Wars saga.