Tommy Lee Edwards

Beyond serving as Senior Director and Co-Owner of NC Comicon, Tommy Lee Edwards has made quite an impact on the comics industry by illustrating titles such as The Question, Marvel 1985, Superman: American Alien, and Turf. TLE has illustrated countless books, magazines, and posters for Star Wars and Indiana Jones, designed movies and video games like Command & Conquer, James Bond, The Book of Eli, Harry Potter, and Batman Begins. He directed Microsoft’s The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator series from a script by Edgar Wright, created a multi-media series published by Dark Horse called Vandroid, and partnered with I Speak Machine, Google, Random House, and Lex Records to create the interactive sci-fi unprintable book Strata. TLE is currently illustrating Mother Panic (co-created with Gerard Way) for DC’s Young Animal while writing and directing an animated tv pilot for Fox.

Cliff Bumgardner