Volunteer! Be a Henchman!

Are you ready for the greatest, biggest, most insanely cool volunteer job in the multiverse?! We want YOU to become an official NC Comicon Henchman! What’s that, you ask? How can I join, you ask? What’s the perks, the rules… the skinny, if you will?!

Get a hold of yourself, grasshopper, we’re getting to that! Being a NC Comicon Volunteer Henchman is the most fun and challenging work a human or metahuman can do, and there’s some very cool incentives:

First off, you’ll receive two free passes to the greatest show around, the NC Comicon. You get an exclusive NC Comicon Henchman t-shirt to wear while you work and keep to your greedy self when you’re done. Starting in July you’ll be invited to monthly meetings where you’ll get a chance to “peak behind the curtain” and witness what happens behind the scenes (and be sworn to secrecy regarding new announcements of guests and events!) PLUS you’ll get some super cool gifts and prizes that are donated to our volunteers by Ultimate Comics! Sounds amazing, right?

IT IS. Think you got what it takes? We do to. So read on, grasshopper, your journey has just begun:

Volunteer Policies
Rules of Conduct
Apply to be a Henchman!

Please read the Henchmen Rules of Conduct before filling out the Volunteer application. By submitting an application, you agree that you have read and agree to these Rules of Conduct, and further attest that to your knowledge, you have no discrepancies that would be of concern, such as a restraining order or evidence of illegal behavior