Becky Cloonan is a writer and artist best known for her work on Gotham Academy (DC Comics), The Punisher (Marvel), True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (Dark Horse), and her Eisner Award winning short stories collected in By Chance or Providence (Image Comics). She has done numerous film posters for Mondo, and illustration work for bands like Clutch, The Sword, My Chemical Romance and Black Sabbath. She is currently drinking coffee and working on a ‘zine for her D&D party.


Becky Cloonan will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at NCComicon Bull City at table A104.


Creator autographs and photos tend to range any where from free to a nominal fee. Info and pricing will be available at each creator’s table.


Friday November 9th at 5:00PM in Fletcher Hall


What’s it like to work with Gerard Way, Becky Cloonan, Tommy Lee Edwards, or Shawn Crystal on a comic? Join them tonight and hear about how they share in creating the art you love so much!

Saturday November 10th at 10:00AM in Fletcher Hall

Finding Inspiration

What inspires artists like Gerard Way, Becky Cloonan, Tommy Lee Edwards, Matt Kindt, and Jeff Lemire? How do you turn your everyday experience into art?

Saturday November 10th at 3:00PM in Cinema One

VIP Question and Answer with Gerard Way

If you have a VIP ticket, this is your chance to ask anything you want to creators like Gerard Way, Becky Cloonan, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Matteo Scalera!

Henry and Gerard design D&D Characters

Henry Edwards and Gerard Way design D&D characters while Tommy Lee Edwards brings them to visual life before your eyes!