Bob Burden A trail-blazing pioneer of the 80s comic-book New-Wave/Indy revolution (that probably had a lot to do with what comics are today), Bob Burden, foisted his now notorious Punk Rock inspired FLAMING CARROT COMICS on an unsuspecting fandom with little warning and no apparent reason.

Billed as the further adventures of the strangest man alive, the iconic series took the comic market by storm and Burden’s work went on to be a cult hit and a national sell-out everywhere eventually spawning the spin-off feature film MYSTERY MEN from Universal.

Currently Burden is bringing the his career and characters back, starting with a new 400-page collection of Flaming Carrot stories from DARK HORSE called NONE SO BOLD which includes a tale which Cross-overs his Mysterymen with the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES in an unforgetable, legendary and long out of print 80-page story.

Also, Burden has launched his long awaited HITMAN FOR THE DEAD series as a limited, signed and numbered vintage-paperback-format preview edition titled GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP WELL, MY PROUD AND FAVORITE SINS. For more, see where the entire novel can actually be read as a PDF.

While Burden has won almost every major comic industry award at some time or another, he is proudest of his work on Gumby Comics which won Eisner Awards for Best Single Issue of the Year, Best New Series and Best Publication For Younger Audiences.

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