Jim Mahfood aka Food One has been working as a professional freelance artist since 1997, amassing an impressive cult following across the globe. Highlights of his career include art chores on Kevin Smith’s Clerks comics, his creator-owned titles Grrl ScoutsLos Angeles Ink Stains, and Carl The Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Recent projects include illustrating the Everybody Loves Tank Girl series and Miami Vice: Remix. Jim’s brand-new project is his creator-owned, full-color Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks TPB, available from Image Comics and contributing art chores on Tank Girl All Stars from Titan Comics. Follow his daily adventures on IG @jimmahfood.


Jim Mahfood will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at NCComicon Bull City at table A101.


Creator autographs and photos tend to range any where from free to a nominal fee. Info and pricing will be available at each creator’s table.


Saturday November 10th at 2:00PM in Fletcher Hall


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