The 2019 NC Comicon would like to take a moment to say thank you to all the amazing dealers and vendors, who bring their fantastic wares from far-and-wide, so that the NC Comicon has a selection of creative & incredibly cool merchandise like no other. From comic books to handmade costumes to crocheted baby villains and everything in between, these fine folks are the backbone of the show, our constantly-roving community neighbors,  and our convention family. To all those road-travelin’ show-warriors, we say thank you so much for all your hard-work and dedication, and we can’t wait to see you in November!

2nd Player Video Games 4013
A Sound of Thunder 2023
AC Games 3017
Amazing Heroes, LLC 4009
Apothecary Spices 2015
AT&T 4010
Axol & Friends 4006
Bella Books Comics & Toys 3013
Black Dog Collectables 2007,2009
Brianne Sew Crafty 2014
Bricks and Broomsticks 2018
Cards, Comics and Collectibles 3021,3022,4016,4018,4020
Carolina Comic Book Club 2022
CGC 2002,3001
DreamDaze Comics Fun & Games 2016
Fight or Flight Comics 1006
Gamers4Gamers 4017,4019
Get Some Game 4022
Groundbreaking Comics 3005,3007 4004
IT Cosplay 1021,1022
J&J Collectibles 3010
Jason Hamlin 4001,4002,4003
Joe Miller 4021
John Casablancas Center 3023
Kitty in the Box 2005
Lake Fairy Creations 1007
Mario Russo 1010
Milton’s Emporium 2020
NC Comicon Merch/Info Booth Main Hallway
needless toys and collectibles 3014,3016
New World Collectibles 3006,3008
One Method Monkey LLC 2010
orange ribbon studios 1003,1005
Otaku Junkie llc 3009
Outer Rim Toys/Out of the Toy Box Jewelry 1011
Painted Visions/Apocalypse Comics 2012,3011
Rebel Base Comics & Toys 4005
Red lantern comics and toys 4015
Retro Rewind Pops 2011
Richard Fortenberry 1004
Stormcrow Comics 3020
Superhero’s Armory 3012,4011
The Comic Presser 1001
TheMysteryShack 3019
T-Mobile 2021
Toynk Toys 1015,1017,1018,1020,2019
Treasure Quest Mining 4007
Trilogy Shop Inc 1012,1014,1016
Ultimate Comics 1002,2001
Updog Comics 2006,2008
We Got Issues 2017
Wulveys Customs & Collectibles 2003
Holy Mountain Printing 2004,3003
North Carolina Book Festival A211
Operation Sidekick A611,A612
The CW 1008
Calibur Comics A212
Oni Comics A111,A112
Valiant Comics A001,A002
Amanda Conner A018,A019,A020
Becky Cloonan A302
Bob Burden A017
Chris Ryall A109
Chris Sims A013
Greg Cipes A011,A012
James O’Barr A202
Jeremy Whitley A014
Jim Mahfood A502
Jimmy Palmiotti A018,A019,A020
Kevin Eastman Main Hallway
Marcus Williams A015
Michael Cho A102
Michael Conrad A301
Mike Perkins A501
Mitch Gerads A601
Peach Momoko A401,A402
Richard Case A016
Robert Venditti A602
Robert Wilson IV A110
Shawn Crystal A101
Tini Howard A311
Tommy Lee Edwards A201
artful sunshine A507
eeriesistables 4008
Heroic Effort Crafts A420
Liesel’s Hat Hutch A417
Loft 817 4012
Michael Kulick A503
Modern Goldfish A208
RillWorks 3015
Rumble and Roar Wandmakers A509
Starheel Studios A405
The Dapper Kraken A404
The Quilted Fandom A419
Thirty Seven Stars A508
Unique Creations by Amy A418
ZenJumps Chainmaille A506
Graphic Artists/Writers
Aeron Alfrey A303
Andrew Herman A220
Artwork by Wes Flanary A209
Billy Fowler A403
Bolandartstudio A117
Cap Blackard A504
Catawampus Press A206
Cecelia Wilken A406
Chris Reader aka MentalPablum A306
Chris Wharton A219
Chris Williams A104
Chroma Coma A312
Cliff Bumgardner A310
Danny J Quick (4th Wall) A307
Danny Miller A511
Dungeonwears A210
Eric Knisley A108
Fritz Grondy A409
Giant Star Entertainment A116
Giared Terrelli Design A217
Gregory Dickens A113
Handmade Cuteness A120
Heroes Bundle A218
Hey Bob Guy A505
Homebrew Tinkerings A317
Ilinca Mitchell A106
J.M. Dragunas A415
James Nelson, Dylan Gray A413
Joe Lisi A416
Joey Helms A213
John Hairston Jr. (allcitystudios.comA414
John P Golden A318
Jonathan Reyes A304
Kamikaze A512
Kawaii Art Cafe A510
L Jamal Walton A412
Lime Robertson A203
Lydia Dickson Art A308
Lyle Pollard A407
majaNATION A215
Max Dowdle A305
Meredith Laxton A319
Michi Doan Art A114
Munchie & Me A517
NC Toycon A216
Ninjas and Robots/ Erik Klaus A115
Nowhere Comics A105
paprikaSTUDIOS A408
RJ Marchese A103
Robert Jenkins A205
Russell Badgett A320
Sagemoon Hollow Creations A316
Scott Kowalchuk A207
Selcouth Comics A119
ShadowMyths A411
sleepscribbles art A309
Sweet Rocket Sky A313
T.M. Showers A107
The art of davey A204
The Dastardly Duo A118
The Science Of A314
Velvet Geek A410