NC Comicon Exclusives

NC Comicon 2019 is jam packed with a ton of cool exclusives, only available at the show! All our exclusives will be available for purchase at the Official NC Comicon Merch Booth located in the Main Hall. Don’t miss out!


  • Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons #1 Exclusive Glow in the Dark Variant lmtd to 500 copies!
  • Hazel and Cha Cha Save Christmas Exclusive variant by guest Tommy Lee Edwards lmtd to 500 copies!


  • Exclusive Tron print by guest Danny Miller. See if Friday at the ComiQuest Film Festival!
  • Exclusive Crow print by guest Tommy Lee Edwards. Get it signed by Tommy and creator of the Crow, James O’Barr!
  • Exclusive Kevin Eastman 8×10 headshot print. Get it for free as part of the Kevin Eastman VIP package!
  • Exclusive Peach Momoko TMNT #100 variant print. Get it signed by Peach and Kevin Eastman, creator of the Turtles!
  • Exclusive April O’Neal print by guest Andrew Herman. Get it signed by the artist and Kevin!


  • Exclusive Astrobull T-shirt featuring the lovable NC Comicon mascot, illustrated by guest Michael Cho!
  • Exclusive Clash of the Titans Kraken T-shirt designed by guest Billy Fowler. Make sure to catch Clash at the ComiQuest Film Festival!

Official NC Comicon Beer Cans by Aviator Brewing

We partnered with Aviator Brewing Company to create the NCC Sixer, a 6 pack of exclusive beer cans with can art illustrated by 6 different NC Comicon guests complete with stories by guest Brockton McKinney! Aviator Brewing will be set up outside of the Armory all weekend selling these. Grab em, drink em, and get em signed!

Fightmare 4: F*** the Future

Art: Jim Mahfood

Story: Brockton McKinney

Can Design: Chris Ferguson & Chris Edge

Kendy Everhart returns to don the Dreamagination Suit! With the help of Verminator and the Battle-Bats she must once again engage in mortal nightmare-combat, but if she perishes in her sleep this time – her archenemy, The Future, will keep her soul trapped in the endless slumber known as Hallow Sinations! 

TokyCycle Murderun 3: Neon Rage 

Art: Peach Momoko 

Story: Brockton McKinney 

Can DesignChris Ferguson & Chris Edge 

Hotheaded racer Bobbi Heat and her supercharged motorbike, Sixty-Horse, are blazing back onto the murderous Neon Circuit Race for a third time! Now only two things matter to her: bloody revenge for her brother’s betrayal – and one more Tokyo-Techno-Trophy! 

UnderTunnel Run: Death Kiss 2: Kiss To Death 

Art by Mike Perkins 

Story: Brockton McKinney 

Can DesignChris Ferguson & Chris Edge

Super-spy and uber-contestant Jonathon Undertunnel returns in the 13th adaptation of novelist Romper Flipling’s single novel! Underground and undercover once again, our hero must compete below old New Yorkolis against Light-Eye’s NightSpies! But Undertunnel’s nemesis, Mister Lost, has hired Lady FrenchLocke, and she has the most deadly weapon yet — her Karrion Kiss! 

DemolitionYard L.A.: Destrucktion of the C.A.R.R.I.O.R.S 

ArtRichard Case 

Story: Brockton McKinney 

Can DesignChris Ferguson & Chris Edge 

Neo California once again explodes with action! This time the dreaded DemolitionYard L.A. competition becomes a hell-trap of auto annihilation as the entire C.A.R.R.I.O.R. crew is forced to battle an 18-wheeled hell-truck named Demonlition Semi! And to make matters worse, it’s driven by the reanimated corpse of none other than the nefarious tractor-zombie, Dick Butcher! 

Battleboxer 2068: The Masked Gloves of Rah-Kon. 

ArtShawn Crystal 

Story: Brockton McKinney 

Can DesignChris Ferguson & Chris Edge 

When Kat Bannister decided to enter her fallen master’s prizefighting championship of secret sorcery and ancient bloodshed, she knew her hands would be clad in his mystical gloves – but not that her new sensei would be the fiery ghost of legendary Canadian bard, the rowdy rapscallion Whisky Riddles! 


MindronesZonedeath Zero 

Art: Tommy Lee Edwards 

Story: Brockton McKinney 

Can DesignChris Ferguson & Chris Edge 

In 3049 the digi-deity, Dr. Skandocktor, controls the floating city of UniBellum with an iron mind. For a chance at mental freedom from the all-seeing Cerebots, citizens become “Comptestants” in his brutal Mindrone Tele-tournament. But in order to pilot their drone they must undergo surgery to have their brains physically embedded onboard. And if the machine is destroyed—so are their helpless, drooling bodies!